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Mobile Ready Responsive design adapts to any device.

Responsive Design means that your website will adapt to any size screen. Today’s digital world is awash with devices of varying sizes, all of which are used to access websites regularly. As a result, web design technology has developed to accommodate for this unpredictable variable. From your desktop PC to your customer’s Macbook, a client browsing on their phone or a business owner using a tablet all of the above need to be accounted for. Each of our websites are fully responsive, mobile ready and tested across a range of devices to implement full compatibility.

To ensure complete cross-platform compatibility any website developed by Alley Kat Design is built with the foundation of responsive, mobile ready design in mind. Carefully curated media queries detect the user’s device type and adjust your content accordingly. It is estimated that around 51% of all website views now come from mobile so it is essential to comply with the ethics and standards of good responsive web design. Google has recently announced that any websites which are deemed not mobile friendly will be penalised in search rankings making it even more imperative that good mobile-ready design is adopted from the ground up.

Responsive Design

Packages Include

  • Responsive Design

    Responsive design means your website is designed to adapt to any screen size including mobile.

  • Clean Code

    We carefully code all websites with concise HTML, CSS and Javascript.

  • Custom Web Design

    We develop our websites with emphasis on engaging and modern design.

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